How to Draw a Chibi Centaur

How to Draw a Chibi Centaur

Step 1:

We’ll start with the shapes and guides for the chibi-centarium, just like you see it here.

Step 2:

Draw the contour of your face, then add the big eyes and long, beautiful lashes.

Step 3:

Next, draw in the ear shape and hairline that frame the face. Next, color in the pupils.

Step 4:

Make some curls on her hair, then create the shape of her head.

Step 5:

Next, we will be focusing on the body. Begin with her shoulder. Next, draw the back, arms, chest, and legs.

Step 6:

Finish the body outline, add the hooves to each foot, and then draw some details for the back of the horse-like body of the centaur.

Step 7:

Finally, draw the curly tail. Next add a halter top and the swirl to embellish her surroundings. You can erase any mistakes and clean up your drawing.

Step 8:

The drawing of the chibi centaur has been completed and is ready to be colored. Great job!

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