How to draw a Chibi Cat Cupcake

How to draw a Chibi Cat Cupcake

Step 1:

One circle should be made for the head, then follow the guidelines to make the cupcakes and face.

Step 2:

Use the guide that you have just created to draw the ears.

Step 3:

You can now begin to draw the face. Begin with the eyes, then add the nose and whiskers. You can see some of your cat’s mouth, which is open and ready for another slobbering bite. You can draw the arms and paws using the frosting-covered one paw.

Step 4:

You can now draw two cupcake cups for each side.

Step 5:

For each cup, add the ribbed liner.

Step 6:

Draw the rest the cat’s body and the frosting left over from the left cupcake. The frosting was left behind by the cat after he ate the cake. Sprinkles and other mess can be added to the body.

Step 7:

Simply draw the frosting swirl on the right cupcake, then add the sprinkles. You can erase all guides and mistakes.

Step 8:

Line art should look exactly like the illustration. If you wish to personalize your style, add your own colors.

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