Chibi is a kind of style where characters from famous comics, anime games, and other popular products of culture are drawn in extremely cute and adorable forms. On there’s a complete section where we put everything that is related to drawing Chibi. We’ve created the basics of chibi drawing as well as a vast quantity of art instruction for individuals illustrated in chibi style. In this basic tutorial, we will demonstrate the drawing process of a chibi anime figure by using an image of Zoro. Zoro.


Step 1

For drawing a properly drawn Chibi anime character, start with the head and map it as an oval. Then, draw a small body part that is proportional in size and size to the head.


Step 2

Then outline the limbs that are small and to a degree childish. All lines in the initial steps must be done with a variety of gentle lines.

Step 3

We now draw the fundamental aspects of the sketch that we created chibi Zoro. On the head, we draw the facial details and the gorgeous anime hairstyles. Moving to the torso, we sketch the shapes of the clothing and swords.

Step 4

The next step is to work on the details. First, we will trace every detail on the face. Based on the practice of drawing chibi, eyes must be big and expressive. Additionally, there should be a few lines drawn on the head.

Step 5

We’ll now work on the body chibi persona drawing. Draw the body using the same clear and dark lines as the team from did. Remove all unnecessary guidelines to clean your Chibi Zoro sketch.


Step 6

Let’s now work on shadows to make your anime chibi character appear more solid and complete. Shadows must be drawn using the same amount of light and at the locations indicated by the artists at

As you can see you have gone through six steps that explained the drawing process for a chibi-anime character. Naturally, the tutorial may be described in different ways such as how to draw a chibi Zoro. We have given a general idea of how to draw any anime character using stylized chibi fashion. You are free to follow this guideline to create an artwork of any comic book or anime character using the chibi style. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Deviantart. There, you’ll see a variety of the most intriguing artworks and drawings from our artists as well as announcements of forthcoming stories.

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