How to draw a chevy truck

Hello dear car lovers and artists. In this tutorial we will show you how to draw a Chevy Silverado. A full size pickup, produced since 1999 under the brand Chevrolet, which belongs to General Motors.

We will draw a Chevy Silverado Truck. It is a very popular pickup truck. We are going to draw it in ten easy steps. We will draw this truck because it is a very beautiful truck and it makes us feel good. This truck is very popular because it is in movies and pop artist videos.


So, you learned about the car. Now it is time to draw the car on paper. Enjoy your drawing, friends, do not forget to share this guide with your friends.


Tools for this sketching

  • Pencil
  • Black marker;
  • Colored pencils, color markers, or felt-tip pens.;
  • Drawing paper.

Step 1

So, to draw a car, start by drawing the shape of the car. Make sure to keep the proportions of the car in mind because this car is really big!

The rules and steps in this lesson are the same as the other lessons about drawing cars. So, let’s first draw the basic outline of the car’s bodywork. This will include the cabin and box.

2nd Step

Let’s add some details about our truck. In the front, we draw the headlights and the bumper. Next, we draw the wheels and the rearview mirror.

the outline of the Chevy truck is ready. Now you need to draw the first parts of the truck – the wheel arches.

3rd step

Draw a big rectangle. Draw two lines on each side of the rectangle. Draw two circles on each side of the rectangle. In the middle of the rectangle, draw a circle. In the circle, draw the Chevrolet logo.

Draw a line around the outside edge of the circle. Then draw a line for the inside edge. Draw a line for the head and the body. Then draw a line for the arms and legs.

Final step

In the last step of the lesson on how to draw a Chevy truck, we will draw the wheels and arches. Please note that we are drawing a 20th century Chevy truck, so the rims here should be old fashioned.
The drawing lesson is over, my friends. If you liked it, don’t forget to join social networks and share this drawing lesson with your friends.

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