Hello, dear car enthusiasts. We’ve previously taught you many car drawing classes and cars, but we’ve mostly drawn large sports automobiles like Audi as well as Ferrari. This is why, in this lesson, we’ve decided to show you the drawing process of an actual Chevrolet Spark – a tiny city car.

Step 1
We always begin with the basic outline of the car. at this point, the car is more of an empty box. With light lines, draw the outline of the car’s body as we did in our example. The car appears to be quite short and tall.

Step 2
Let’s draw the major elements of the car’s body. In the front, we draw the headlights as well as the grille. In the second part, sketch out the wheels and arches for the wheels. Remember that in the initial two steps, we draw very thin lines.

Step 3
In the beginning, we’ll use both black and white lines. Take care to draw out the long headlights from Chevrolet Spark. Chevrolet Spark, and the radiator grille that is divided into two parts: an upper one that is smaller and a huge lower.

Step 4
Continue drawing tutorial on how you can draw the Chevrolet Spark. A little lower, draw your lower part of the back. Above the headlights, carefully trace the lines of the hood.

Step 5
The hood lines continue to create a roof that is visible as well as the glass of the vehicle. Windows, just like other elements of the car, must appear small and neat. In the same way, sketch the mirrors.

Step 6
We’ll now move to the other side of the car. Take care to draw door handles and doors. In the same way, sketch the reverse of your Chevrolet Spark.

Step 7
Go to the lower section of the vehicle and trace out the arches and wheels. Make sure the lines are as smooth and round as you can.

Step 8
By drawing clear cross lines, we can sketch out the radiator grille. Then we draw the rims (which obviously can be in any form). To make the car appear more 3D appearance, we add shadows.

In this drawing lesson, we demonstrated the drawing process for the Chevrolet Spark. We hope that you enjoyed this drawing lesson and will be sure to share it with your friends and follow our social media accounts. Perhaps, if you’ve been to our car drawing lessons, you could say that all cars look the same. It’s not true, because each car is identical to one another and differs mostly in the particulars, like the design of the headlights or body. Also, in our drawing lessons, we will show you the different features of drawing vehicles.

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