Welcome, dear readers! to our drawing lesson on drawing the Chevrolet Camaro! It is, as you may have guessed, one of the most sought-after American sports cars that are also it is also known as a “pony car” manufactured by the Chevrolet General Motors corporation since 1966.

Step 1
We’ve already sketched many vehicles the way we want to learn, and all lessons start in the same manner – the first step is to sketch out the general outline of our car.

Step 2
In the front of the Chevrolet Camaro draw the headlights along with a narrow and long radiator grille in between the headlights, and a huge radiator grille that is located in the lower portion of the front bumper.

Step 3
On the top of the car, sketch out the windows and mirrors. Draw out the door as well as the handle that is on the side of the vehicle. sketch out wheel archways as well as the wheels themselves using the aid of regular ovals.

Step 4
Start adding details. Draw out the headlights that are angular with round lamps within the headlights. Then, draw the grille for the radiator which is located in between the two headlights.

Step 5
Continue to draw tutorials for the drawing process for the Chevrolet Camaro. Draw the lower grille of the radiator as in our illustration. On the sides of the grille, draw the fog light.

Step 6
Let’s go towards the highest point of the car and carefully draw the roof, which resembles that of the Ford Mustang roof. Then, draw the outline of windows as well as mirrors.

Step 7
Draw the handle and door ( as you may know, the Chevrolet Camaro has two doors). Draw the rear of the car, as well as that sill line between the wheel.

Step 8
We are now drawing the exterior of our Chevrolet Camaro. Sketch the wheel arch using the aid of semi-ovals. Then precisely draw the wheels using the shape of ovals. Draw the wheel’s rims before moving to the final step to complete this tutorial.

Step 9
All we have to do is create shadows by using traditional hatching, just as we do in all of our classes of car drawings.

The drawing class came to a conclusion. We try the best we can to create a tutorial on drawing the most simple and easy to comprehend and understandable, and you are able to help us with our work – simply make sure to share the lesson and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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