Today we will demonstrate what to draw chestnuts. There aren’t any difficult elements in this simple drawing tutorial. It corresponds to the art to draw geometric forms as well as light shadows. But, if you stick to all of the steps in our examples, you’ll be able to achieve great results.

Step 1

When drawing people, we begin with the stickman. When drawing the nuts, we have to begin with the basic contours. Draw a geometric shape that is narrower and slightly increases in sharpness to the bottom. In the upper area, we sketch a not-so-smooth and slightly curled line.


Step 2

Then we add the details to give the texture. In the upper part of the nuts, draw many small dots. Be careful not to make them too large. For the majority of the nut, it is possible to draw lengthy, straight, and curving lines. The lines we draw must be laid out in a way that is uneven as otherwise, the pattern will disappear from the natural appearance.


Step 3

Then let’s draw shadows. In this example, the light source is in the upper right-hand corner, and you draw your shadows to the left side. However, you are able to choose the position of the shadows and also the light source you prefer to use at your own choice. It is also possible to create a cast shadow to ensure that the nut doesn’t appear to be suspended from the sky.


We have tried to make this lesson as simple as we could. If you want to modify or enhance the chestnut design it is possible to add a leaf or branch. This gives the drawing a lively look. Remember that things like nuts can be a great option to add to the pineapples or apples as part of your still life. To increase your understanding of this field of art, simply visit our category titled “Still Life”, where you will discover a large variety of interesting lessons. If there was a mistake, you can make sure to mention it in the comments section, and we’ll try to find a solution.


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