How to Draw a Cherry

What’s your favorite fruit? It’s cherry. in this tutorial, we’ll teach you the art of drawing an image of a cherry.

In keeping with our tradition, We divided this article into a series of very easy stages and highlighted the lines for every stage with red, to make the process of learning to the greatest extent possible.


Step 1

To draw a perfect cherry it is first necessary to draw the shape of a circle. Don’t try to draw the geometric shape perfectly even as in the near future, we may alter the shape of the cherry.

Step 2

Now let’s make our cherry sketch have an appropriate style. In order to do this, draw its upper portion as an outline that resembles that smooth M.




Step 3

You can now narrow the edges of the cherry similar fashion to what the artists from did in the photo below. Also, the initial stages of the instructional guide on drawing an apple are exactly identical.




Step 4

Then in the upper region of the cherry, create an oblique pit, and then draw an extended stem. The stem doesn’t need to be even or straight.




Step 5

Alongside the stem line that was drawn at the previous stage sketch another line in a similar manner to the previous. In the upper section sketch a portion of the stem that the cherry is fixed to a branch of a tree.




Step 6

Therefore, equip yourself with an eraser, and then wipe away any lines that aren’t needed from your sketch. Check it against what artists from have created. If your work is similar to ours proceed to the final stage, where we’ll apply the paint to the cherry.




Step 7

Let’s give our drawing of a cherry a fresh, vibrant, and attractive appearance. To achieve this, color the body cherry red, and the stem green. In addition, you can paint the cherry yellow. These cherries are delicious too.




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