How to Draw A Cherry Blossom Tree

There are many beautiful plants, trees and flowers in nature. One of the most stunning of all is the cherry blossom tree.

These trees are renowned for their distinctive structure and beautiful pink flowers. They also have a Japanese origin.

It can be a lot of fun to learn how draw a cherry blossom tree because of their beauty.

They look quite complicated, but will show you how simple it is!

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This step-by–step guide will show you how to draw a cherry tree.

1st Step:

Planning your drawing ahead of time is the best way to make it easier. In this section of our guide, we’ll be using pencil outlines to help you draw a cherry blossom tree.

You can draw the trunk and branches of your cherry blossom tree using the reference image.

You can then draw some irregular shapes along the branches. These will help you to guide your drawing later.

Once you are satisfied with the pencil guides, you can start to draw some branches and the outline of the clumps, as shown in the reference image.

2nd Step:

This is where you can add details to your cherry blossom tree drawing. You can do this by adding some small shapes to the flower outline you created in the previous step.

To start building the branches, you can also erase some pencil lines.

3rd Step:

You will continue to add pen details to the branches, and flowers in this step of our guide to drawing a cherry blossom tree.

This part will include details for the top bunches of flowers.

You will draw many small, rounded shapes in the outline of the flower.

To add more detail, you can draw thin branches that poke out.

4th Step:

For this section of your cherry blossom tree drawing, we will continue to use your pencil to trace the lines.

As you have done in the previous steps, you can add more detail to the next clump. You can add lines to the branches, as you can see from our reference image.

5th Step:

You will continue to do the same thing as you did in previous steps.

This means you’ll be finishing the outline of the last branches and flower clusters. You can also finish the lines for the trunk or the roots of your tree.

Once all the outline drawings are complete, you can start the next step.

6th Step:

You are almost ready to add beautiful colors to your cherry tree drawing. But before you do, there are some details that you need to finalize.

Start by adding more flower shapes to the flower clumps. This will give the flowers a lot more depth and make them the star of the drawing.

To make the tree look more woody, add wavy lines to the trunk and branches.

To make it appear like petals floating down, you can draw small shapes from the branches.

After you’ve completed all details, you can erase any pencil lines that you didn’t use in the first step.

You can add details to your image before you go on to the next step. Perhaps you could create a background to complete the image.

7th Step:

The final step in this guide will be to add beautiful colors to the cherry blossom tree to bring it to life.

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