How to Draw a Cheetah

The team at is a fan of cats big and small. large, which is why today we’ll show the user the art of drawing an elk. This tutorial is traditionally easy and the team at believes that even the least experienced artist can draw an elk.


Step 1

The first step is to draw an oval head, round stomach, and pelvis. With a smooth and long line, connect these components and create the tail. Making use of the same lines, draw the legs.




Step 2

With a pair of smooth lines, sketch the face and forehead of the cat. In the upper portion on the top of your head draw the ear. With two lines that are short and flowing lines, you can show the neck.




Step 3

Then draw the size of the forelimbs, but don’t forget to show rounded paws in the same manner as the artists from on the drawing below.

Step 4

Connect the pelvis and the chest at the bottom, creating an image of the stomach large cat. Then, draw the back, which flows into a long and round tail.




Step 5

In this step of the instructions on drawing a cheetah, draw the hind limbs that differ from the front limbs in terms of shape. Next, draw the fingers with rounded edges.




Step 6

You can now get yourself an eraser, and use it to remove the lines of the drawing of the cheetah so that it is clean and beautiful.




Step 7

Let’s now draw the look of the big cat. Begin with the eyes and then draw the cute mouth and nose of the cat. You can also portray the whiskers.

Step 8

Add the famous cheetah-like body design. Think about the bends in the body to ensure that the cheetah’s physique is truly voluminous and attractive.




Step 9

If you’ve done everything correctly, your drawing of a cheetah should be like the one shown below. Let’s go to the final step of this tutorial on drawing an elk.




Step 10

Now, you can use the sand colors in the photo below to color the Cheetah. In case you paint the cheetah in black it will transform into panthers.




This is it my dear readers from The instruction for drawing the cheetah is at a conclusion. What are your thoughts on this post and Easy Drawing Art as an entire? What animal drawing guidelines would you want to read? Contact us and sign up for on social networks.

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