Today, we’ll sketch one of the oldest and most terrifying races in the Warhammer 40 000 universe. We’re talking about a terrifying Chaos. We are awestruck by Warhammer and have created drawings tutorials for this. However, today we decided to give an instructional session on drawing the Chaos Space Marine. We’re certain this Chaos Space Marine is one of the most unique and memorable units of the Warhammer 40 000 universe. Let’s begin!

Step 1
Chaos Space Marine has a highly powerful and strong armor that we will attempt to show. The shape of the armor creates the shape of the Chaos Space Marine so large and broad. Draw the head and an outline of a backbone and sketch out the pelvis and thorax in a wide area. Utilizing ordinary lines, we draw the legs and arms. The lines drawn on the initial steps should be extremely light, so that, in the future, we can erase the lines.

Step 2
In the previous step, we sketched the stickman, and now we can draw two cross lines on the body of the Chaos Space Marine, which will allow us to further define the specifics that make up the armor. Then, you can draw the contours of the huge and broad body that has an evident reduction in the thorax from the pelvis.

Step 3
This is a character who has been dressed in armor from his boots to the helmet It is this armor that we’ll sketch now. Beginning at the head, we’ll sketch out a helmet that has massive horns. Then we move to the corpus and outline armor using normal light lines. Then, in the hands, we draw the gun in the manner we can see in our photo.

Step 4
Let’s begin to work on particulars. In the tradition of the time, we’ll perform this from the head towards the legs. Draw the outline of the helmet that is scary as well as long horns and a mask featuring sharp, sharp teeth. Make sure not to sketch the lines found on the inside of the helmet, as well as on the top of the horns.


Step 5
In this stage, we create armor to safeguard the body. We create a smooth rim onto the lower edge of the thorax, and armor for the stomach. After that, we eliminate any unnecessary lines that were drawn in earlier steps in order to create a Chaos Space Marine more clean and tidy.

Step 6
Then we draw the specifics on the arms. It is not necessarily drawing the joint articulations or muscles, but we do draw the outline of the massive shoulder pads and spikes and the armor around the arms. Of course, we must make drawings of palms and the Space Marine’s gun.

Step 7
The next step is to draw the lower portion which is the lower part of your body. In the same manner, as in the first step, it is now time to draw legs as well as huge armor boots. The lines must not be smooth. Make sure to draw the symbol for Chaos in the shape of a skull that hangs upon the belt.

Step 8
So, Chaos Space Marine is almost completed, and we need the ability to render it as realistic and full. In order to do this, we’ll draw shadows using the traditional hatching technique. As you can see, the hatching occurs in the lowest illuminated regions in Chaos Space Marine. Chaos Space Marine is the area where light is not reflected.

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