Welcome, dear artists. here to 3dvkarts. Today, we will continue the theme of objects that are found every day. Therefore, go to the page to find out how to create an elegant chandelier.

Step 1
Begin by drawing a unidirectional vertical line. In the lower portion, trace the arm of the chandelier using the aid of curving lines

Step 2
Draw the details along the central line like in our illustration. On the ends of the arms, draw what is known as “shades” that form the chandelier.

Step 3
The central line is widened, making it into columns. By using curves, chandelier shades are made more impressive.

Step 4
Utilizing dark and clear lines create a chain and an upper column, with all the specifics. Make sure to erase all unnecessary guidelines from the center of your chandelier.

Step 5
Additionally, using dark and smooth lines, sketch out the shades, arms, and other visible elements of our chandelier. Don’t forget to erase any unneeded guidelines from your chandelier design.

Step 6
Draw shadows. If we suppose that light comes from the left side of the drawing those shadows would fall on the right-hand sides of the elements that make up the sketch. If the light source is the chandelier’s lamps then the shadows would be on the upper side of the components which are not visible from the source of light.

The lesson was about drawing the chandelier step-by-step. We’d like to let you know that we offer numerous drawing tutorials, and you’ll discover everything you need to know how to draw. If you’re trying to be able to draw quickly, and don’t need descriptions of text for your drawings and drawings, you could use our short versions of our lessons on Pinterest.

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