How to Draw a Chameleon Easy -

How to Draw a Chameleon Easy

How to Draw a Chameleon Easy

Do you enjoy cute animals? If yes, then the guide on how to draw the chameleon is sure to draw your attention.


Step 1

First, we’ll sketch the outline of the body and head of our Lizard. The head is an elongated oval. The body appears like a rounded hill. Put these shapes in the middle of the page.




Step 2

In our view, the lizard must move along the tree branch. Thus, we should draw bent legs and the outlines of a tree’s branch.




Step 3.

One of the most common characteristics of a chameleon is the long curly tail. In this stage, we’ll draw the tail’s outline using a regular line. Do not bend too much, and try to draw a clean line.




Step 4

It’s a small but crucial step. Connecting the head and body by two small lines at the top and the bottom. We also finish the curves of the tail by using an additional, smoother, and shorter line.




Step 5

In this phase, we draw how the angles of the face of the chameleon. There are two triangular segments that have an adjacent side. This site is known as the mouth of the Lizard.




Step 6

If you’re looking to draw a chameleon using the comic style it is possible to draw a stunning expressive eye. In this drawing tutorial, we chose a realistic design and thus we have the large circle, which is a smaller circle.




Step 7

The chameleon has quite powerful legs. It can cling and grasp onto different surfaces. In the case of our animal, it depends on a tree. Let’s look at this.





Step 8

We now make the back legs. Similar to the step before we can see the strong fingers that hold the branch. It is important to note that the legs shouldn’t be parallel to one another.




Step 9

If we eliminate all guidelines that are unnecessary We get something similar to this. If your sketch is different from what you wanted take a look at all steps and figure out what you did wrong.




Step 10

Let’s choose light green as our primary color. It is possible to use a darker version of the color. could be a great shade choice. It is important to note that the chameleon’s eyes are similar in color to the skin.




It is a drawing guide for drawing an easy chameleon. As you will see, the post is drawn in a basic style, like other content on


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