how to draw a chair -

how to draw a chair

how to draw a chair

Every aspiring artist is just starting to take the art path. We will be showing you how to draw a chair today, as most of the information is already available on


Step 1

Let’s draw a simple chair using geometric shapes. This cube should be marked with very thin lines. This will be the base of the chair.




Step 2

Now, draw the chair’s top. The form can be repeated as shown in the example or you can create your own.




Step 3

The seat of the chair is now shown. It is soft and has rounded edges in our example. Don’t try to make your lines too dark or clear.



Step 4

Draw the legs of your chair with straight lines. When drawing the legs, think about the perspective.



Step 5

Straight lines are best to show the apron at each leg. In the middle of the legs, depict a spindle.



Step 6

It’s uncomfortable to sit on a chair that has three legs. Let’s change this and show the fourth leg as an example.



Step 7

Let’s now get to the back. This is done by drawing two lines that repeat the sidelines of the second stage.



Step 8

Use additional lines to give the chair’s back a 3-dimensional appearance. Next, draw the backrest. You can either use the same backrest design as in our example or create your own.



Step 9

To erase all lines from the chair drawing, use the eraser. Use a darker pencil to trace the image.



Step 10

You can paint the chair with beautiful colors. The chair was painted in brown and beige colors. However, you can also paint it in any color.



You have probably already learned how to draw a chair if you made it this far. A chair drawing can be made as an independent work of art or you can add details. You can also depict a table or someone sitting on a chair.

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