Today will demonstrate what it takes to draw the chainsaw as an instrument that is not just the constant partner for bearded woodcutters as well as scoundrels from horror movies. It is a fact that in these kinds of objects like chains, there are many tiny pieces that are hard to draw. However, we attempted to illustrate the entire process of drawing the chain saw in such so that visitors of .net were not faced with difficulties.


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing a chainsaw based on the fact that we draw the outline of the housing of the tool as well as its guide bar. This step makes these elements appear like an irregular semicircle and an extended semi-rounded. Remember to use light lines, in order not to be unable to erase these rules in the future.



Step 2

Let’s add some more particulars to the chainsaw. The first step is to draw some lines on the front of the surface to give the drawing of the chain saw some bulk. Then, draw outlines of handles on the sides, the front hand guard, and the starting pull handle. This step will be completed by drawing the oil cap as well as the handle at the rear.


Step 3

In the first step, we sketched the principal components that comprise the chainsaw and now we must apply more crisp and dark lines to create a chain saw sketch with an overall appearance. Remove all guidelines that are not necessary and add details like fuel cap and air intake.


Step 4

To make this chainsaw drawing a stunning and complete appearance it is necessary to draw shadows. First, draw the sharp edges on the cut chain onto the guide bar that is long. Then, using the aid of hatching, you can add shadows to your saw’s housing as well as some glare to the bar that guides it by using two long strokes.


We have already mentioned that the chain saw is quite common that is why you can draw an individual chainsaw or under the control of a woodcutter, or Jason Voorhees. We hope this tutorial was helpful to you. If so you are, make sure to make a comment, or sign up for us on social media (we are on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter along with other popular social networks) and then share this lesson with others who would like to know how to draw.



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