We are certain that each morning, most of you have a cup of stimulating coffee. We decided today to share with you the art of drawing the cezve. This is an extremely useful skill and you’ll probably have it if an avid coffee drinker.

Step 1

In the beginning, we need to sketch the contours that will form the contours of the bowl. You can pick the shape of the bowl’s contour depending on your personal preference. We chose to select the bowl that has an extended smooth line towards the bottom.



Step 2

It is essential to draw the handle with a smooth contour and homogeneity. Make an effort to draw the sketch without using a ruler. It’s a great way to learn for artists.


Step 3.

Then, we’ll act exactly the same way. We’ll begin adding pieces beginning from bottom to top. We will draw a border around the high point of the bowl.


Step 4

The next step is to the details of handling. We draw a thin border, which runs along the bottom. Also, we draw an oval-shaped shape at the top of the handle.



Step 5

Create shadows. Put the light and pale shadows around the bowl’s edges as well as on the handle. Next, draw more intense and dense shadows onto the floor.


Perhaps you should stop while drawing and sip an ice-cold beverage isn’t it? One of the lessons will be extremely difficult therefore we will not interrupt it with a bit of vigor with an intensely bitter taste.


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