How To Draw A Ceryneian Hind

How To Draw A Ceryneian Hind

Step 1:

Draw the guides and the shapes in the initial step. This will help create your framework.

Step 2:

Begin the drawing process of the face. Start with the head’s crown and draw the contours of the brows as well as closed eyes. Once you’ve finished, you can draw the mouth and nose.

Step 3:

Add long, thick eyelashes, and mark the area across the forehead between your eyes. This is typically the location where the third eye situated. Draw those antlers on the deer, and some of the shapes for the head.

Step 4:

Draw the eleven-style ears, then add the details on the inside and all around.

Step 5:

Now you can sketch the hand, the finders and marks on the hands , and later draw the pearl bracelets, too.

Step 6:

Draw the skull shape of the deer . Then draw the tongue in a slide that comes from the nostrils.

Step 7:

The next step is to draw the hair that wraps across the entire image. Include details and definition too.

Step 8:

After everything has been cleaned the drawing should emerge as similar to this one. You can now color in the artwork.

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