How to Draw A Centaur Step by Step -

How to Draw A Centaur Step by Step

How to Draw A Centaur Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The first step in the draw centaurs drawing tutorial, we’ll begin with the head of the animal.

For his face, we’ll use certain curves to the nose, eyes and mouth, giving an intense look that demonstrates he’s a business man!

We’ll also give him a beard that is bushy after which you can also provide him with a mohawk with a bushy look on the top the top of his hair.

End by drawing the pointed ears of the child After that, we are able to continue to the next stage of the lesson.

Step 2. Make sure that he draws his shoulders and chest.
In the second portion of this drawing we’ll add his chest and shoulders as well as some armor worn by him in his chest.

Start with drawing a circle around his chest , and then adding certain details to it.

Draw four straps from it. Two straps will be placed over his shoulder , and two will wrap around his chest.

Make sure to finish this step with additional curves to his chest and shoulders Then we can proceed for the second step!

Step 3: Add details about his hairstyle and additional armor
The third and final step in our drawing centaur drawing tutorial will begin with a few details about his hair.

Draw a few slender curves along both sides in order to add some texture details to it.

Then, we’ll draw a huge triangle that will form the armor’s base Then, you can include some detail on the inside of the shape.

Then draw the sides of the belt , and add some circles to make a large set of studs. Add some lines along the part of his belt to complete this step.

Step 4: Draw his arms to the rest of his waist
We will refine the human aspect of this drawing of a centaur in the next stage.

Then we’ll add some additional curvatures for his muscles We’ll then draw jagged lines to the areas he’s got in his wrists.

The right arm of his will be holding an extended spear, and you’ll need an instrument to draw the spear! You can also draw a few more drops out of the straps prior to we begin step 5.

Step 5: Draw the front legs of the centaur
As we mentioned in the first section of this tutorial on drawing the centaur, we’ve drawn the human parts of the creature.

For this part, we’ll concentrate upon the legs in front of the centaur. They resemble horse legs and can be drawn the legs using a few slight curves.

Try to replicate the exact image in the image referenced to ensure that they appear more authentic.

Once these front pins have been drawn, we’ll complete the information in the following section!

Step 6: Now, add the last component of the centaur
Before coloring your centaur, you’ll need to draw some details and then add final elements to make it complete. Draw the front of the pony’s head and then add an wavy tail to the back.

Finish by drawing leg legs on the back of your pony.

The pin you are looking at will appear somewhat different from the previous one, so you may want to try to replicate it exactly as it appears in the image referenced.

Now you’re ready to take the final part of the course! Before proceeding, be sure you add any additional information that you think would be interesting.

Background painting is a fantastic method to take drawing to the highest level! What type of settings do you think you would choose for this incredible centaur? We’re eager to discover!

Step 7: Finish your centaur’s drawing using color
The last step to learn drawing a centaur is adding some colour.

We kept the shades pretty neutral in our image of reference, with the only exception being in the armor which we used some vibrant yellow.

The colors we used in our illustration are just an example of colors you could choose to use! This is where you’ll be able to show off your imagination with the colors you select.

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