We love drawing people. Most often we draw warriors of different periods and cultures. In our previous lessons, we taught you how to draw a Soviet soldier as well as a Greek soldier. We’re here to carry on this series and teach how to draw what to draw the drawing of a Celtic fighter.

Step 1
We begin by sketching out the head as a shape of an oval. Then, we sketch the spine using the aid of a long, thin line. Along the line of the spine, we draw the pelvis and chest. Utilizing simple lines draw the legs and arms. Also, in order to understand the proportions, check out our lesson on drawing an individual man.

Step 2
We now need to give some dimension to the body that makes up the persona. First, we’ll draw outlines that show facial symmetry that intersects at the middle of the face. Then, draw the neck, which extends to the back. By using simple geometric figures like balls and cylinders sketch out the legs and arms. In the same manner, sketch an axe with one hand, and shields with the opposite.

Step 3
In this step, we’ll sketch out the most fundamental aspects, using extremely light lines that are almost transparent. Sketch an outline for the facial features, beard, and beard by using intersecting lines drawn in earlier steps. Then, we go below to trace out wide trousers as well as the sword that is hung on the belt.

Step 4
Let’s start working on the last details today. We’ll need to draw the head of a Celtic warrior. In a slanting manner, using the lines drawn in earlier steps meticulously draw the details on the head and face. For drawing hair, draw simple lines. Make a few wrinkles, then eliminate all guidelines that are not needed off the head.

Step 5
We are now moving down a bit and drawing out the body. With the aid of straight lines and clear lines, carefully sketch out the neck’s contours and then smoothly transition through the body. The next step is to sketch out the outline of the pectoral muscles, the torso, and a slightly visible abdomen. Remove all guidelines that are not needed from the torso, and then move to step number six.

Step 6
It’s time to move on towards those arms that belong to our Celtic warrior. Start with the shoulders, drawing the arms with smooth and clear lines. We must then sketch the outline that represents the hand of our warrior as illustrated in the drawing. In order to learn how to draw hands, go to this drawing tutorial. With your hands, draw an axe and a shield. Then proceed to the next step.

Step 7
In this stage, we’ll draw an outline of the physique Celtic warrior. You can observe, that in this step, we’ll draw the pants. With the aid of straight lines and clean lines, draw the outline of the pants that are wide. In this drawing, we draw the shoes and belt using the sword. Incorporate some folds and remove any unnecessary lines from the design.

Step 8
The Celtic warrior drawing is nearly completed. In order for it to appear more substantial, we will just add a few shadows. We’ll do this (by custom) by using regular hatching. In the past, as has been stated many times, we must first identify the light source and then add shadows to the areas with the lowest illumination. In the same way, we draw a pattern on our pants.

It was quite a challenging drawing class, where we demonstrated what it takes to draw an image of a Celtic warrior. It is evident, that the drawing was very real, and if you’d like to learn more about drawing lessons that cover similar topics contact us about it in the comments section of this article or on our social media networks. We’re constantly striving to improve the quality of our site and to create more varied drawing lessons. You can also help us by subscribing to our social media channels and sharing our site with your friends.


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