Today, there are a large variety of different styles of drawing, however, one of the oldest remains life. The style is this tutorial on drawing the cauliflower.
It is extremely easy for you to draw cauliflower however when drawing, there are many variations and tricks you can employ to make drawing your plant more natural and authentic.


Step 1

Cauliflower is simple and easy to make, it is based on a basic and not uniform circle. It is necessary to draw the basic geometric form using extremely gentle pressing on the pencil, in order that, in the final steps you can easily make changes to the drawing of cauliflower.



Step 2

The next step in the instruction on drawing the cauliflower is simpler than the first. We will need to outline the flowers with a slight taper upwards. The leaves shouldn’t be incredibly smooth, as shown in the illustration by the artists at


Step 3

The most striking characteristic features of cauliflower are its curly contours. By drawing with winding lines, you can sketch the contours of the cauliflower drawn by the artists from This is the third step of the instructions on drawing cauliflower must also be done with extremely light, transparent lines.


Step 4

This part of the tutorial on drawing a cauliflower can be quite challenging, as it is necessary to outline the entire drawing of the cauliflower, giving it a complete and neat appearance. To make the drawing of the vegetable tidier, erase all unneeded lines with an eraser.


Step 5

What makes your drawing more vibrant and stunning? Naturally, the shadows. This time we chose to draw shadows using traditional hatching. You can alter the style that your drawings will have by altering the look of the shadows or by adding some color.


In the final part of this lesson, you may color your cauliflower drawings. However, beyond this, you can alter the style of your drawing by using other methods. For instance, you could draw a complete still-life by using this drawing exercise. You could draw not just one but many cauliflowers and then put them next to such as a jug of tomatoes and a Jug.

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