How To Draw A Catty Witch

How To Draw A Catty Witch

Step 1:

This is a simple lesson, so let’s begin. Draw the circle that will be the cat’s head , and then draw the guidelines for facial features.

Step 2:

The next step is to draw the exact form of the cat’s face that is rounded on the cheeks. Then, we will draw the ears as well. Incorporate details in the ear before moving on in the following drawing stage.

Step 3:

Make sure to draw the kitty’s witchy hat in the manner you can see in this picture. Make sure that the hat features the shape of a point as well as an elastic wrap around.

Step 4:

The final drawing step, draw the cat’s eyes wide as well as the lid, which is thick and the slit pupils. Draw in the cat’s mouth, nose whiskers, fangs, and whiskers along with the long neck. Remove the mistakes as well as all the guidelines.

Step 5:

Here’s this line artwork. It’s time to color your cat to get a spooky appearance for Halloween.

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