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How to Draw a Caterpillar

The name says it all that as the name suggests, on 3dvkarts.net we provide very easy and easy-to-follow instructions for budding artists. In this simple guide, we’ll teach you the steps to draw caterpillars. This tutorial is one of the most straightforward available on 3dvkarts.net. So, take your most loved pencils and paper and begin the instructions on how to draw caterpillars.


Step 1

The first step is to draw the long blot in simple and straight lines, like the sketch drawn by the artists at 3dvkarts.net.




Step 2

We continue drawing the caterpillar. Draw a sequence of lines that are transverse. Repeat this pattern, or increase the difficulty.




Step 3

In the lower half of the caterpillar’s body draw a lot of limbs as shown in the illustration of the artists at 3dvkarts.net.




Step 4

A straight and smooth line shows the lower part of the caterpillar’s body. It is possible to add additional elements.




Step 5

Then, take an eraser, and use it to eliminate any excess guidelines in the caterpillar’s drawing. Next, draw everything using dark lines, in order so that the work is cleaner and more professional.




Step 6

Let’s now apply paint to the caterpillar. They are extremely colorful and you can paint them with a simple color of green, or in any other hue.




Dear artists and visitors to 3dvkarts.net We quickly and effortlessly reached the final step of instruction on drawing the caterpillar. How to Draw a Female Body

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