How to Draw a Cat

In this drawing tutorial, we will teach that you can draw a cat. There is a perception that drawing a cat can be very difficult. Actually, every aspiring artist should be able to draw this. Are you convinced? Check out the way it performs!


Step 1

The first step is to draw the elegant outline of our cat. We will draw a curving line on the back that is extended into the tail. Following that we outline some circles of the body. If you’re looking to draw a small cat it is best to draw small circles. Don’t forget to draw the small oval which represents the head.




Step 2

Sketch the outline of the eyes, ears, and mouth. The ears should have different dimensions and shapes. The eyes look like small triangular. The face’s front appears like a cone that has been truncated.




Step 3.

Connect the body and head of the cat with two straight lines. The result is an extended neck that is smooth across the head towards the body. Also, we will look at all the legs in front of our cat. Be aware of the curves on the distal end of the legs.





Step 4

We continue to shape the cat’s body using simple lines. The next step is to trace a smooth line that creates your abdomen’s contours. Also, we should draw the other contours that run along the back.




Step 5

We draw the contours that the legs behind are. Be sure to cross those angles that are between your hips and the lower leg. On the front paw, it is an obtuse angle. And on the hind paw, we have an angle that is almost right. Cats must be adaptable to catch mice surely?





Step 6

Include the typical cat pupil that is made up of a narrow triangle and some lines to define what the mouth’s contours are. Then we outline a number of strokes below the ear, to create the auricle.




Step 7

Examine the entire view. We take note of any errors and imperfections with respect to the measurements. We remove all extra lines from our cat’s collection.




Step 8

Then we’ll color this feline. Select any color you like to preference. You can mix multiple colors or pick the most exotic hue. Don’t forget to paint the eyes a dark green shade.




We hope to see you soon on the website! We’re looking forward to your comments and feedback about our work!

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