How to Draw a Cat Face

Do you enjoy cats, as do the staff of If so, this instructional video on drawing the face of a cat will be appealing to you. Artists from attempted to make the process of learning to draw the face of a cat as easy as it is. We broke it down into ten fundamental stages that are explained in the most simple way.

Step 1

First, we’ll sketch the head of the cat in the shape of a large oval. The lines should be soft and fluid.

Step 2

Draw two lines that meet exactly in the middle of the circle. At the same time draw the neck.

Step 3

Then with two arcuate lines of dark color, show the upper eyelids which seamlessly cross the bridge of the nose.

Step 4

With two more arcuate lines, show the lower eyelids and form eyes. eyelids. Then, draw the pupils.

Step 5

Continue to draw the head of a cat. Draw a clean mouth and nose in the shape of an inverted, large figure 3 with its back.

Step 6

Use the arched line in order to represent the cheeks. On the crown of your head draw ears that resemble kitties. They should resemble two big triangles.

Step 7

Sketch the features of the ear as the artists from did. With a number of small strokes, draw how the cats’ cheeks look.

Step 8

At this point in the tutorial for drawing the cat’s face, we have to use an eraser and clean off the guidelines and draw the whiskers.

Step 9

If you’ve done everything correctly then your cat’s drawing should be something like this.

Step 10

Now, take your preferred colors and draw the face of the cat. You are not limited to the colors used by the artists from but also an alternative color palette.

This is all you need to know, dear artists. The team at believe that this instruction on drawing the cat’s face was simple and easy for even those who aren’t experienced, artists. We wish that by following this, and other of our instructions you’ll get into artwork and start on the path to becoming a professional artist.

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