Cute Animal Drawing


This tutorial will show you how to draw a cat’s face.

This tutorial will show you how to draw a cat’s face. We didn’t want to add unnecessary details. We also decided to draw a realistic face for the cat at the end.

This guide is easy to follow and we hope you find it useful. This simple sequence of steps will give you great results.


Step 1

Let’s get started with this guide to drawing a cat face. Simple shapes are great for creating complex and interesting drawings. This is how we’ll draw the cute and adorable cat. To indicate the neck, draw two lines just below.



Step 2

This was a crucial step and you did an excellent job. We can now consolidate our success by drawing a pair of ears that looks like triangles. Draw two intersecting lines within the circle. The horizontal line is at eye level. The vertical line divides the face into two halves.


Step 3

This is the next step in our guide to drawing a cat’s face. Next, we’ll draw the outline of the eyes. You’ve probably seen the beautiful almond-shaped cat’s eyes if you’ve ever seen one. The eye’s outer contour is made up of two lines: the upper and lower. The lower line is curvier while the upper one is smoother. The pupils will be drawn at the end of this step. They look like large ovals located within the contours of the eyes.


Step 4

Excellent! These cat eyes are very expressive. We can now draw the nose of the cat. This nose looks vaguely like an inverted anchor or mushroom.


Step 5

We will be adding several details to this step. We will first draw two cheeks that look like mounds. Next, we’ll draw the outline for the chin. It should look like a happy smile. Now it is time to give the cat’s face a complete look.


Step 6

This tutorial is very close to being completed. We hope you’re not too tired. We will first remove all construction lines from the previous steps. Next, we will draw clearer contours around the head and facial features. You can add fur texture by using several strokes that are very close together.


Step 7

This step gives the lovely cat drawing a natural look by adding shadows. You can create beautiful shadows by using light shading and not pressing too hard. We will then draw the pupil of the cat’s eye in greater detail at the end. The pupil’s periphery is highlighted with a white highlight. These highlights determine the direction of the gaze.


Step 8

This is the final step in this guide on drawing a cat’s face. You can get something very similar to the cat face drawing if you follow the right sequence of steps.


Add shadows to make the cat’s face look more real and vibrant. This article will provide some guidance.

It is possible to draw beautiful and interesting patterns on your cat’s face. This will make cat face drawing much more fun and interesting.

We will show you how to draw cool animals in a simple manner. It is also important that the end result looks realistic. Let us know if we succeed in our task. Let us know if you have any questions. Also, be sure to sign up for our social networks. This will help us grow and create new cool tutorials.


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