how to draw a cat eye

In our previous guides in previous tutorials, the team from taught you ways to draw the eye as well as an eye like the dragon We will teach the user ways to draw the cat’s eye. Our team is awed by cats vary greatly, and we’re fascinated by drawing directions on these adorable animals.

What do you require to draw the cat’s eye? You’ll require an art pencil and paper, or an electronic tablet with graphics and the desire to learn how to draw a cat’s eyes. So, if all is set, we can begin drawing!


Step 1

In the same way, as in the previous guidelines about the eyes, let’s begin with the outline of a gorgeous cat’s eyes. First, draw the long, curved line that will cover the upper eyelid and a second curved line for the eyelids below. The lines must be soft and elegant.




Step 2

In cats, pupils may be round (when the light is dim or they attempt to see closely) or narrow like the case of a snake. Thus, employing a pair of straight lines that are vertical, draw the pupil as did the artists at



Step 3.

Let’s look at the specifics of a cat’s eyes. The first step is to draw an eyelid tear duct located at an angle of the eyes. Then, you can draw an arcuate line on the outer part of the eyelid towards the lower part of the eyelid. In the upper area, you can show the hair’s texture like the artists from did.




Step 4

We are now at the final stage of instructions on how to draw a cat’s eyes. Use your preferred tools for drawing and painting the cat’s eye using color suggestions by the artist or in a different shade. It is also possible to add highlights, iris texture, and shadows to create a look more real and vibrant.




Therefore, the team of is convinced that even the least experienced artist can learn to draw a cat’s eye. We’re eagerly awaiting your feedback. We review everything and reply to a lot of them.

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