how to draw a castle

Do you want simple instructions on how to draw a castle? You will find the answer you are looking for. The team will guide you through a simple tutorial that will make drawing a castle quick and easy.


Step 1

Let’s begin with the castle’s base. Begin by creating a large, flat cube with two long rectangles. Remember to look at a castle from the top.




Step 2

Let’s make a castle drawing from our cube. We will need to draw towers in order to do this. They can be angular or round. Both can be drawn.




Step 3

Next, draw the central tower that is located above and below the central gate. Next, draw the gate in the shape of a small rectangle.




Step 4

Draw the lower portions of the towers as has done. Draw embrasures at the top of each tower. We drew another tower in the inner portion.



Step 5

Let’s now add details to the castle drawing. First, create narrow windows. You can arrange them in the same way as the artists, or however, you like. Next, draw the texture of the entrance gate and embrasures along the walls.



Step 6

Now, draw the rock beneath the castle. First, depict a precipice line. Next, draw a series of vertically uneven lines as did in the example below.



Step 7

Set aside the pencil and get an eraser. To create a clear and beautiful artwork, remove all the guidelines from your castle drawing. You can apply the texture of the stone to the walls and flags on the towers.



Step 8

Let’s start painting the castle. To give the castle a medieval appearance, use gray paint. The grass should be painted green, and the rock should be painted in taupe.



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