Are you looking for some nuts? It is delicious and extremely nutritious food. That’s why we’ve made a video on drawing the cashew step-by-step.

Step 1

Cashews are always a curving shape. If you’ve ever eaten cashews likely noticed the curve. There is a straight curve on the exterior of the nut and an extremely robust bend on the inside.




Step 2

If you’re looking to create a real-looking but it’s not enough just to draw the outline aren’t they? It is still necessary to create the texture. The nut is divided into two equally sized halves using the aid of a line situated near the curvature of the inner part. We then trace barely visible smooth lines along the top of the cashew.



Step 3

In the previous section, we discussed realisticity. We can’t say we created an authentic nut in the absence of working using shadows. In this case, the shadows appear to be the light shade. The hatch is within the interior of the nut and in the middle of the floor.


Sometimes all you require for effective practice is a brief and basic drawing lesson. We are hoping that today we’ve provided a quick and effective lesson. If you are pleased with the outcome, don’t forget to share your thoughts by leaving a comment. We’d also appreciate your comments if you made any errors in the drawing that you couldn’t rectify. Send us a message and we’ll assist you.


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