This drawing guide will show you how to draw a cartoon Zebra. This tutorial can be used as a starting point for cartoon drawing. This sequence of steps is designed to teach you basic drawing principles, with an emphasis on cartoon style.

Step 1

Let’s begin by showing you how to draw a cartoon Zebra. Draw two shapes that resemble the outline of a keyhole. The top circle is the largest, while the base of the elongated figure is slightly lower. Place the shapes on top of the paper. Avoid perfect symmetry.


Step 2

To create the outline of the zebra, draw a few more shapes. The head is represented by a small, irregularly rounded shape placed in front of that round shape. The two shapes can be connected to form what appears to be a cone made from two different shapes. To represent the torso, draw an elongated shape that looks like a bean.

Step 3

Each zebra has powerful, muscular legs. These guys must run from leopards and cheetahs. Two pairs of powerful, graceful legs should be drawn. Pay attention to how the legs and the head proportion. This is a key feature of the cartoon style.

Step 4

Make small triangular hooves. Use smooth lines and avoid sharp corners. Pay attention to the relationship between the hooves and the distal legs. Because of their peculiar angles and posture, the contours of our forefoot are unusual.

Step 5

This is the right time to make your cartoon zebra seem more real. The outline of an eye should look like a drop, in a horizontal position. Next, draw the outline of the pupil. Remember that the pupil’s shape and location affect the character’s gaze and expression.

Step 6

The ears and mane are another important detail. This can be drawn using our example. The forehead is the largest part of the mane. The mane becomes thinner towards the tail. The ears appear like long, vertical figures. The auricles look like rims made from lines parallel to their outer contours.

Step 7

We continue drawing the cartoon zebra. Draw the outline of a small tail. The tail looks like a flowing, short line with a fluffy tassel. Match the proportions between the tail and the head, body, limbs, and heads of our Zebra.

Step 8

The primary visual distinction between a horse and a zebra is the color it has. When you think of zebra, stripes are likely the first thing to come to mind. You can draw stripes around the head and on the mane of the zebra. Pay close attention to the form of the stripes located on the forehead.

Step 9

Continue to draw stripes of the cartoon zebra. The stripes are stronger in the limbs, as you can see. The stripes are also more densely located in the distal direction. This is similar to the arrangement of the webs on the Spider-Man suit.

Step 10

Removing any lines left over from previous steps is a good idea. Make sure you have the correct proportions and final details. Use sharp, contrasting strokes to draw the final outline.

We hope you found this guide on drawing a cartoon Zebra helpful. We tried our best to make something similar. Please let us know if you notice any errors in the tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to our pages on the most popular social networks so you don’t miss any drawing tutorials.


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