How To Draw A Cartoon Wolf

Wolf packs are efficient hunters because they are dangerous and fierce.

While they are considered noble animals, they also have a cute side! This is what we’ll be focusing on when we show you how to draw a cartoon Wolf in the tutorial.

This adorable wolf pup will melt anyone’s heart!

This drawing has many great details, but we’ll cover them all as we go through the guide so you don’t get lost.

We are going to make a cute wolf friend! Follow this guide to learn how to draw a cartoon-like wolf in just six easy steps.

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a cartoon wolf cartoon. Let’s start with the head outline.

We are creating an outline of one portion of the Wolf, but there are many details that will be added.

Although the head is generally quite round, the mouth and muzzle will protrude slightly. The ears will be larger than the rest of your head.

To make the head appear nice and furry, there will be some pointsy, curved portions that poke out from the outline.

Next, we will move on to the next stage!

2nd Step:

We will be drawing more details on the adorable cartoon wolf’s face in step 2 of our guide.

Let’s start with the eyes. As you can see from the reference image, they are expressive and large.

They will be enclosed within large oval shapes. The eyes themselves will be drawn using a mixture of oval and round shapes.

Next, draw the nose using a rounded triangle shape. Finally, add curves to the face that lead up to the right ear.

3rd Step:

For now, we’re done with the head & face. In this step, we will add the first and back feet for this adorable wolf! The back of the wolf’s head will be drawn using a straight line that curves inward at the top.

To make the leg look furry, you will use curved lines to connect them.

The foot can be added by you. Because of how the wolf is seated, it will be possible to see the base.

The base will be rounded, and the toes will be connected by four rounded toes. This step is completed with a pointed, curved tail. We can then move onto step 4.

4th Step:

We will now add the beginnings to more legs and feet to your cartoon wolf drawing. We will first extend a slight curve down from the mouth.

The rounded toes will connect to each other by attaching to this line. then draw another curve starting at the front leg and drawing another paw.

We won’t be able to see the underside of your paw this time, but you will notice some similar-looking rounded tips.

When you are ready, we will add final details to the guide.

5th Step:

This is the last step in , our guide on drawing a cartoon-wolf. We will finish it off with some details before we color it in final steps!

We will first fill in the area at the chest with another leg. These will be drawn using curved lines with pointed tips that extend off. Finally, we’ll draw small rounded toes at each end.

End your work by drawing some jagged lines at the tip of your tail.

After you’ve completed these details, you can add more.

One idea is to draw a background for the animal friend or add some animals.

How many ideas are there before you reach the final step?

6th Step:

We will add color to your cartoon wolf drawing. It is already looking amazing! This is where you take control and show what you can do.

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