It’s a great time to be here, dear users of! Today’s art class is taught by our team and will show the students drawing cartoon wizards. Similar wizards can be seen in a variety of fairy tales and cartoons and also in the world in D&D. In one of our previous drawing lessons, we demonstrated how to draw the image of a Wizard. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach you the simplest method to draw the wizard. Let’s begin to draw!

Step 1
In the beginning, we’ll draw two ovals like eggs. Draw dots within the ovals to indicate pupils. If the ovals did not appear smooth, erase them and try again. Be aware that cartoon characters there are no typical realistic proportions or regular facial attributes, they are over-exaggerated and gross.

Step 2
Draw triangular eyebrows on top of the ovals drawn in prior steps. Draw another oval on the horizontal plane that represents the nose. Similar noses can be seen in numerous cartoons and numerous cartoon characters.

Step 3
Utilizing a ragged line, such as the one in the photo below create a beard that is long and sloppy. Be aware that the beard needs to be extremely luxurious and thick. If you’re interested in learning how to draw a realistic beard, take a look at the tutorial on drawing beards on

Step 4
Make the mouth. It’s not too difficult because the mouth is comprised of many curving lines. Don’t forget to draw your tongue. The cartoon face of our wizard is now drawn! It is the same face that can be drawn when you decide to create a cartoon character.

Step 5
By drawing two lines, you can trace the cap. By using a few lines, draw the hairline along the temple. Draw the ear with the shape of a rough circle make sure to draw the lines within the ear. In this step, we completed sketching the head. It is also possible to create a hat that has a brim, which is worn by Gandalf of Lord of the Rings.

Step 6
In this stage, it is time to draw hands for our powerful wizard. By using long lines and curving lines, sketch the hands. By drawing some vertical lines, create the sleeves. Draw the fingers in the manner you see below in the image. Make sure to make the stick magic which can take any shape.

Step 7
Draw the cape of the wizard, as we did in the drawing below. The capes are seen on the famous Merlin, Dumbledore and etc. Make the lengthy and curving shoes that are typical of the classic wizards.

This drawing lesson is dedicated to the famous cartoon wizard. We’ll be delighted to know that this drawing lesson has helped you learn the art of drawing the iconic wizard. We wish you a good goodbye!

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