How to Draw A cartoon Tank Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The first step in your tank’s animated drawing we’ll create an extensive part within the tank.

You’ll likely need to have a ruler handy for the majority of this course because there will be a few lines and angles that will be used throughout.

There are two headlights that are round in side of the tank. the tire’s outline will be drawn using some circular shapes underneath their fenders.

Step 2: Next sketch some more specifics
The next step in our drawing animated tanks tutorial will concentrate on adding some detail and enhancements to the areas that you were working on in the initial step.

In the beginning, you’ll see an object that is round with details of a contour on it at the rear of an fender on the left.

For this final step, draw the left tread in the same way as it appears on our images of reference.

Step 3 – Now , draw the details onto the grooves.
Tank tracks work as conveyor belts and require a surface to create friction and push tanks forward.

This texture will be added on the surfaces of the grooves in this stage. To achieve this, we’ll draw some fairly simple horizontal lines to the spike’s surface.

The image referenced is intended to help you figure out the best way to position the lines to demonstrate the perspective.

Step 4 – Then make some further specifics on your grooves
Following the animated tank drawing we’ll add particulars about interior of tire. There are wheel-like structures in the grooves’ belt We will draw these now.

Each of these wheels has an oval shape with a tiny, rounded portion sticking out of it.

We’ll also add small details to other parts such as those on the sides of tanks. When you’ve got it as in our example, we can continue!

Step 5: Then draw the starting point of the top portion of the tank.
We’ll begin with an upper portion of the tank for this part of our tutorial. Then, we’ll add an extremely large rectangle on that front, and smaller ones below.

Then, we’ll then add the top rotation to the tank.

The section is comprised of various circular sections joined together, and the top is mostly flat. We’ll add additional sections to this section in the near future!

Step 6 – Now, draw the remainder of the top portion
In this section of your cartoon tank drawing We’ll draw the remainder of the top part that you sketched at the beginning of this step.

Then we’ll add a second circular section to the left. This will include a place in it where the cannon can be put in the next stage. There’s another flat section to put to the top, and finally the final details!

Step 7 – Then sketch out the important details
In this section of the guide on drawing cartoon tanks we will include all the details needed and components to prepare you for the last step.

Begin by drawing the cannon of the tank. It has two straight lines to form its main arms and then a larger circular section at the bottom of it.

Then we’ll put dots on the tank’s features to indicate the location where bolts and studs connect it.

When these strokes are completed, do you draw some additional details? Perhaps you can add an image as a background to show where the tank is at work!

Step 8 – Now , finish the work with some color
Now , you can complete this stunning animated tank and add some colour! Tanks come in a variety of hues based on the conditions within which they operate.

In our image of reference we decided to use a combination of yellow and gray to give this tank a stunning look.

The colors can be used to draw your own artwork If you are satisfied with how they appear, and you can draw using your preferred art mediums to bring these hues to life.

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