How To Draw A Cartoon Squirrel Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

You’ll basically create your own squirrel cartoon sketch in the very first step on this instructional course! It may seem daunting, but we’ll take the process slowly so that you don’t lose track.

It is evident in the next steps within the guide that the head of the squirrel is divided into two parts. We will draw the lower one now.

The design will be created using certain curves with pointed tips that have been incorporated into them, making the piece appear larger.

We’ll draw the arm of the squirrel that will be thin and long with rounded fingers at the end. The hand is holding something else however we’ll be there quickly!

In that moment the body will appear quite round. The chest and legs will have sharp parts which make them hairy. You can add some huge flat feet to the body and we’re ready to proceed!

Step 2: Then draw the top of the head.
The lower portion of your face during the first part of our draw an animated squirrel tutorial. Now, in this section we’ll draw the top portion.

Begin by drawing two oval eyes joined together. There will be curvatures above the eyebrows.

Then, we’ll create two ears that are rounded to the top of the outline of your head. Finalize by drawing an angled small nose on the lower side of your head.

Step 3 – Then draw the tail and the flowers
The squirrels are fond of fruit Everyone knows this, which is why we’re offering one of them to this squirrel! The acorn’s fruit is a round-shaped cap at the top, and you could also add a small circular stem that is atop.

The bottom portion is drawn using another curve with the top being pointed.

We’ll then add the tail of a squirrel. The tail of a squirrel is typically extremely large in comparison to the other parts of the body, and this is the case in this case!

Similar to all other squirrel parts, the tail is going to be drawn using a mixture of curved lines and rounded lines, with pointed tips that make it appear nice and furry.

Step 4: Then draw certain details onto the back as well as flowers
Now is the time to add a few smaller elements to the tail as well as the horns in the squirrel in this cartoon. The first thing we’ll do is add the acorn.

To create the lid of the acorn we’ll draw a series of smaller curves which connect to each other in order to give it the appearance of a miniature.

For the lower half we’ll add some simple, slightly curly lines to add some texture. For the final step then we’ll draw a portion of the end of the tail.

After that, you’ll be ready to tackle the final details and components to be added in the next part to the guide!

The 5th step is to add your final details to your sketch
This section of our drawing an animated squirrel tutorial will concentrate on adding some details as well as last elements that will prepare you for the final stage in the course.

These final details will concentrate specifically on the face of the squirrel We’ll begin with basic. To make the eyes appear more attractive we’ll put a big dot in each dot to represent the pupil.

Then we’ve added some curves that run down the nose to show a smile and wide mouth. To finish we’ve added the square ring squirrels normally wear!

After you’ve completed these information, you’ll be able to make some of your own! Paint the background, or include a squirrel companion to help you brainstorm ideas. But what else can you come up with?

Step 6 – Finish your drawing by adding color
You are now ready to finish this painting by adding some color . This is where you truly shine and demonstrate your skills!

We’ve already demonstrated the colors we’ll pick in this sample image, but they’re just suggestions.

There are Beiges and browns that are similar to those we have used, but it is best to pick any other color you like.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to get creative with your preferred art tools and media and we’re hoping you enjoy making it happen!

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