Hello, dear novice artists. We have noticed that you love drawing cool automobiles. So we created many sports cars like Porsche Boxster, Ford GT, and Ferrari. But, they’re all difficult enough, and many of you wanted to create an easy lesson on the sports car. Therefore, we have created an updated course about drawing a cartoon-style sporting car.

Step 1
Then, you draw out the principal outline that we will use for the cartoon car. Make sure to use very thin lines for the initial step.

Step 2
We’ll now work on the basics. On the front, sketch your headlights. Then, draw an apron and big wheels.

Step 3
In front, sketch out the outline of the bumper as well as air intakes by drawing straight lines.

Step 4
Make a slight upward move and then draw out a slightly bent hood, with headlights.

Step 5
With a slight curve, sketch out the windows and roof of your sports car using slightly curved lines. In the same way, trace the back view mirrors.

Step 6
Make sure you remove the big spoiler. In the side section, draw out the doors using handles and air intakes.

Step 7
It’s all that is left to draw large and round wheels as well as rims. Make them fluid and transparent.

In this simple drawing lesson, we taught the viewers what to draw in a cartoon-style sports car step-by-step. Did this tutorial prove to be enjoyable and easy for you? Share your thoughts on our social media channels or on the comment section below.

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