How To Draw A Cartoon Skateboard

There are many things you can do outdoors, so there are plenty of options. Skateboarding is one of the best ways you can spend time outside.

These flat, flat-wheeled devices not only allow you to travel at speed on flat surfaces, but also provide some great tricks!

You can also find them in many designs. Drawing a cartoon skateboard is an excellent way to visualize what your perfect skateboard might look like.

This guide will help you do exactly that, so we hope you are ready for some fun and exciting adventures!

This guide will show you how to create your own amazing skateboard by showing you 6 simple steps.

How To Draw A Cartoon Skateboard Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This tutorial’s first step will be to draw the outline of the wooden skateboard body. It can be more difficult than you might expect, due to the angle of the skateboard.

Refer to the reference image carefully for this step.

The bottom end is wider than the rest and curves to the left, as shown in the photo. This is the point where the skateboard will curve upwards.

It will then become thinner at the other end and end in a round line. The second step in the guide is now complete!

2nd Step:

We will add some decorative elements to the skateboard’s body in this second step of , our guide on drawing a cartoon skating board.

To give the skateboard thickness, we first draw a rim around the inner outline.

Next, we’ll add the decoration. To create this cool design, we used wavy lines to run along the skateboard.

While you can choose a similar design, you also have the option to create your own! You could use simple shapes or a flame pattern, but there are many other options.

3rd Step:

A skateboard without wheels would be nothing more than a fancy piece or wood. In this third step, we will add wheels to your cartoon skateboard design.

As the viewer, we will add the wheels to the closest part of the skateboard. We will only be able to see the inner side because of this angle.

You can draw it using curved or rounded lines. We will also draw the bar connecting it to the wheel on its opposite side, which we will soon draw.

4th Step:

We will now add another wheel on the other side of our skateboard. This will allow us to see the skateboard from a better angle.

For the outer edge of your circle, you can add a smaller shape inside.

This is it for the fourth step. We will add final details to prepare for the final step.

5th Step:

The fifth step in , our guide on drawing cartoon skateboards, will focus on finishing the details.

This will make it easy to color in the last step. We will only add one detail to this step. It is simple and yet very important.

You can add one more wheel by drawing a rounded outline with a smaller circle within it.

Because of the perspective, it will be smaller than other wheels. Other than that, it will be identical.

After you’ve added the final wheel, it is time to add your own details!

You can change the background or decoration to make it more interesting. You can do whatever you want, but how do you finish it?

6th Step:

Now you can have fun coloring your cartoon skateboard design!

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