How to Draw A Cartoon Nurse Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

In the intro of this tutorial on how you can draw cartoon nurses. we have a adorable portrait of a nurse to draw. And you’ll notice that when you draw!

At the moment, we’ll be keeping things simple, since we’ll sketch the beginning of her outfit.

The look we’re trying to achieve in this video tutorial is that she’s got a large head and a small body, and that’s something important to keep in mind when we’re working.

Sleeves will appear tiny and at the lower part of her dress, it will be curved towards the outside. There will be spaces between the collar and the left-hand side of the dress however we’ll be filling these gaps very soon!

Step 2 – Then start sculpting her arms and head
There remain two blanks in the previous step and now we’ll complete them today! To fill in the lower half on the facial area, we’ll draw a curved line, leaving an extra space to fill in the top portion.

Then , we’ll extend a very thin and small hand from our left side of the sleeve which will then bend to meet her hip.

It’s that much for this step , and we can continue!

Step 3 – Now begin drawing her hair
Our nurse is an impressive hairstyle, and we’ll begin drawing it in the next step.

The hairstyle’s outline is drawn with curves that are woven around the head and extend into the inside.

Then , we’ll give some texture to your hair with curves within the contour. Make sure to leave some space at the upper part of the head because we’ll add an accessory hat soon!

Step 4: Next make her draw her hat, and clipboard
Nurses are often overwhelmed with things to track and so you’ll find them with their handy clipboard! We’ll give this nurse her clipboard during the following step.

Then, we’ll include her hat which we have left a space. The hat features a curving design and a rounded top.

It will cover the remaining space on her head and we will then sketch the design on it. It is an angled rectangle, and will be put by her right arm.

Step 5: Draw facial features.
To show you drawing a cartoon-like nurse, we will add facial characteristics to her!

To create her eyes We’ll choose some ovals with curves on their bases.

The inner eye of the model will be drawn as a circular with dots inside. we’ll draw some small curled eyelashes that are located at the lower part of the eye.

The final detail to add are eyebrows that are above her eyes as well as simple curves to her smile and nose.

Step 6: Next you will draw some leg legs to the nurses
This cartoon nurse design already is stunning! However, she’s in need of pins to give it some final touches. So let’s begin adding them today!

Legs will grow proportional to her body size, which means that means they’ll be a bit short and thin.

You can then add shoes to the lower part of her feet. The left shoe will point to the left and the other one is straight ahead.

After these legs have been completed, we’ll be able to add additional details in the following step!

Step 7 – Now Draw some important details
You’re now ready to add some finishing touches in this stage! Now, we can complete the look with some colors. The first step is to make a cross on her hat to create the first one of these.

Draw buttons onto her outfit and finish by adding small and thin rectangular pockets.

When these final elements are completed it’s time to paint more that you have created! As an example to paint, you could create the background of a hospital to let her stay there.

What other settings and details are you able to think of?

Step 8: Now you can finish the work with some color
In the final step of this tutorial we’ll conclude by adding colors to the piece.

The colors are slightly more traditional in our sample image since nurses aren’t typically dressed in flashy bright colors.

The cross-shaped hats on her are red, with lovely blues for her eyes and they also add great pops of color.

Are you using colours that are similar to the ones we picked or do you choose one of your own? Let your imagination flow as you draw this stunning sketch!

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