How To Draw A Cartoon Lobster – A Step by Step Guide

How to Draw A Cartoon Lobster – Let’s Get Started!

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Step 1

The first step in our step-by-step guide on drawing an animated lobster, we’ll start at the top of the head for this fascinating creature! The head is small and round and has a distinctive shape it.

On the side of your face is an wavy and long whisker-like antennae stretching out above the face.

We will then draw some eyes using smaller oval shapes, which have smaller black ovals in them.

Make sure to finish with a smile on your smile and eyebrows and then you can move on to the next step in the manual!

Step 2.Now draw the first claw of this cartoon lobster. 

The most well-known feature of this creature is its large claws that are located at the end of the arms. We’ll add the first pincers in your drawing of a lobster drawing later on in this step!

Create a long arm that extends below the surface using curved lines. Then, attach it on the claw.

The pincer that is feared by many will have two parts that are curving towards the inside, with sharp tips. The lower edge will be bigger than the upper one, while the lower one will be a little smaller.

Include some bumpy details on the lower part Then we are ready to move to step 3.

Step 3.Next Draw the first section of the body. 

As with other crustaceans, the lobster also has an outer shell that is divided into various armored sections. The first of the segments in this section.

The first section is drawn using curve lines, creating the rounded form you will see in the illustration. It will incline downwards slightly since the body will be curled slightly.

Add the next two legs by using pointed and long shapes that poke through the first segment.

We’ll be prepared to tackle the fourth step of the guide. Let’s begin!

Step 4: Now draw the remainder of the body segments. 

Before we can move on to the last details in this tutorial on drawing an animated lobster, it is important to complete the outline of the body!

To accomplish this, we’ll be adding additional sections to our body. As we mentioned earlier the segments will curve into the inside when you work.

They also shrink when you get deeper into the body and eventually they’ll end up with the characteristic fanned lobster tail.

Then, we’ll include a few more legs sticking out from the body and these will appear like the other legs. It’s now time to add some final details!

5.Add another claw on the image 

The cartoon lobster illustration is missing something, so we’ll add the missing component in the fifth step! A lobster must have two claws, so we are adding the 2nd claw right now.

The claw will extend beyond the top of the head and appears as a mirror model of the previous claw you made.

If this step is completed and you’re all set to move on to the next step! But don’t go on since there are more things you can include.

A great way to get this done is to create an image of a background. You can create a stunning ocean backdrop that includes additional cartoon lobsters or sea creatures that are hanging out in this scene!

This is one option to use as a background, however there are many other ideas that you can pick. What can you do to finish this idea with your own creativity?

Step 6 :Finish your drawing using colors 

We’ll finish this tutorial on drawing the cartoon lobster in style when we will add beautiful colors!

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