How to Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb Step by Step -

How to Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb Step by Step

How to Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

To begin this light bulb tutorial, let’s begin with the bulb first. It’s drawn with a simple line, however it’s difficult to draw perfect!

The bulb was designed to look round and smooth to resemble an actual bulb, so it may require a bit of control.

In case you’re experiencing a tough trying to make it appear like it’s perfectly smooth and rounded you can sketch slowly using the pencil, and then draw again using the pen. When the bulb is finished it’s time to move on to the next step!

Step 2 – Then you will begin to draw the screw
As with different bulbs, this one is an bulb you can insert into the socket. We’ll begin drawing the screw into at the end of this step.

It is easy to begin by drawing a small curve that is extending upwards towards the end as illustrated in the image we used as a reference.

This is the top that screws into the unit and we’ll add additional details when we move on to our next step.

Step 3. Draw the next screw
In this portion of your light bulb cartoon illustration, we’ll add a new section to the bolted section that is the light bulb.

To accomplish this, we’ll essentially duplicate the steps we took in the first section of the tutorial. This means drawing a similar curve that is moving towards the end.

It’s right to the left of the previous one, and we’ll continue to step 4.

Step 4 – Now Draw some additional screw segments
We can now draw the final part of the screw, however this time it’s slightly different.

This is the final portion of this type of bulb that is the screw part of the bulb, therefore next time we’ll end the loop by drawing a curving line underneath it.

This is the final step of this screw section, however we’re still not done with this portion of the bulb! You’ll learn more about what we mean in the following part of the guide.

Step 5: Draw the final design for the screw.
In the first section of our tutorial on drawing lights in cartoon, we said that there was a final element to draw to represent the screw portion of the bulb.

We’ll include this in the fifth step. It’s a fairly simple thing to accomplish!

In order to add this last piece all you have to do is to add one more curve under the turn of the screw you drawn.

This is all you need and you’re then in the right place for step 6.

Step 6: Next Draw some eyes to the bulb
It’s not just any light bulb we’re drawing because this one features an adorable face! The face will be drawn in this section of the tutorial, and will begin by drawing the eyes.

Begin by drawing a big vertical oval. Next, attach a similar-sized form to the. Add an even smaller oval to each eye. Finally, include a solid black pupil inside the ovals.

For the final step, make sure you have a thick eyebrow above each eye. After that, we’ll complete every aspect in the next step!

Step 7 – Complete your bulb’s surface
We can now finish the cartoon light bulb drawing by adding some final details to the face. Begin by drawing a curved line beneath the eyes for to create the upper part of the smiley face.

We’ll then draw additional curves below the mouth to demonstrate that it’s opened. Then draw an inside of the mouth and then draw a small line just below the mouth.

After the facial information has been entered, you are able to also add any other details of your own you’d like to add!

Maybe you can sketch an interesting background to illustrate the location to put this cartoon light bulb. What are your ideas to use this image?

Step 8: Now you can finish the work with some color
The final step of this tutorial will be fun, as you’ll be able to wrap it up by coloring!

In the reference image we chose a vivid, bright yellow in the bulb to indicate that it’s illuminated.

You can make use of the same colors as your own. You could also use the same colors around the bulb to highlight the light that is coming from it!

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