Hello, dear young artists! In today’s drawing lesson we’ll teach the students the art of drawing cartoon knights. Knights were great warriors from in the Middle Ages and fantasy, who battled goblins, dragons, goblins, and plague. The lesson on the drawing is simple enough to draw, and today’s knights are able to draw even a young child. So, let’s start!

Step 1
The first step is to sketch an oval. This will be the primary form of your head. Utilize smooth, light lines to begin the first steps.

Step 2
Draw a trapezoid to guide the body. With cylinders draw arms and using circles draw shoulders, elbows, and fists. Draw the sword in the left hand of the knight. It is important to note that the sword is long unlike the sword we sketched in the drawing tutorial on drawing the goblin.

Step 3
Draw the pelvis like in the illustration below. Utilizing cylinders, draw the legs, and with a circle, draw the knees. Thus, the basic forms are drawn. In the next step, we will begin adding details.

Step 4
It is important to note that you are able to draw the knight using any type of helmet, or even without a helmet. Draw the eyes’ rectangular openings. Draw lines on the helmet, as in our illustration.

Step 5
Remove the guidelines from the head. Draw the lines in circles, to make them clear and smooth like in our illustration. Draw Vertical lines across the upper portion of the helmet.

Step 6
In this phase, we’ll include details about the armor. Moving from top to bottom. Draw the necessary details on elbows, shoulders as well as gloves, knees, and feet.

Step 7
This is the final step of the guideline on drawing the cartoon knight. Remove the guidelines and any extra strokes left from the initial steps. The lines will be smoother and darker. in the sketch.

The lesson was a cartoon that we conducted in which we demonstrated the art of drawing a knight for children. We hope that this lesson was educational and entertaining for you. Keep watching and stay tuned for the next drawing lesson from Goodbye!

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