Hello, everybody! In this drawing lesson, we will teach you the steps to draw cartoon horses. This lesson has been divided into a series of steps to show you the most efficient method to draw a cartoon horse.

Step 1
In the beginning, we have to draw a circle to serve as to guide the head. Utilizing a cylinder, sketch the head’s snout. Make use of loose and light lines to sketch the initial steps.

Step 2
By using a curved cylinder, you can draw the neck of the horse like in our illustration.

Step 3
Utilizing two big circles, draw sketches of the torso.

Step 4
Utilizing two curved lines join the circles to form the body. Draw out the limbs, as shown in the example below.

Step 5
With the help of the “Z” line draw the hairline. Draw the chin and the eye. Draw the tail like in our illustration.

Step 6
Take away the guidelines from your head. Smooth and darken the lines. Draw the pupil and mouth.

Step 7
Remove the guidelines from the body. Draw lines along the body, and then make them straight and smooth.

This was a drawing lesson on drawing the cartoon horse step-by-step. If you found this lesson interesting for you, check out lessons on drawing cartoons. Goodbye!

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