Hello, dear readers! Today, we’ve prepared for you a simple drawing tutorial, the primary subject of which is an animated hedgehog. If you look around, you will see on our website, we have a variety of complicated drawing lessons (drawing tutorials such as Samurai, Scorpion, Soldier, and so on) however, we do our best to create simple tutorials, too since the website is named 3DVKARTS.

Let’s move on to the drawing guide about the drawing process of the cartoon hedgehog!

Step 1
Begin by drawing a regular circle. It is also important to note that you begin drawing most of our drawing lessons with the circle (for instance, how to draw the snowman).

Step 2
The circle is marked with two lines that intersect at right angles. Then sketch the arms that are short and rounded and the legs.

Step 3
Draw the facial characteristics of the hedgehog. Utilizing the drawing guidelines sketched in the previous stages, trace the circular shapes of the nose, glasses, and mouth. Draw the pupils within the eyes and the eyebrows over them.

Step 4
Remove the guidelines and draw lines on the hair. Draw all the lines using clean lines.

The lesson was about drawing the cartoon hedgehog the lesson was designed by the artists on the 3DVKARTS site. Keep following us and improve your drawing skills!

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