How To Draw A Cartoon Hand Step by Step -

How To Draw A Cartoon Hand Step by Step

How To Draw A Cartoon Hand Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1

The key to making a complicated drawing like this more manageable is breaking it up into smaller pieces, and this is what we’ll do right now.

We’ll begin with quite a bit of this cartoon drawn by hand when we start and then we’ll take it apart.

The first step is to draw a curving line to create a rectangular shape for your wrist. If you don’t want to close it like we did in our example the extend it towards the arm rest, or draw the sleeves of the shirt.

Once the drawing is completed and drew, draw a big circular shape on your left to create the palm. We will then include a finger, and this is created by using a unique shape of a circle.

Then, you can make the thumb. It will be an angled line that will form the right-hand side of the palm.

It’s not easy and time-consuming, so be patient in this step, and continue when you are able to see the same as our image of reference.

Step 2: Then, draw the index finger
You’ve got a solid foundation for the drawing you sketched in the previous step of our cartoon hand drawing tutorial . And in the coming steps, we will add fingers and other aspects as we progress.

At this point, we’ll introduce our index fingers.

It will also have some room between the little finger and it and it will be bigger than the thumb as well as the tiny finger.

When we talk about the little finger, we’ll also include an elongated horizontal line at the right end of the finger. It’s enough for now and we’ll continue forward!

Step 3: Next step is to draw the finger of the ring.
You’re doing well in this drawing! It’s going to be simple until we add a Finger to this hand.

It is the finger that can be referred to as the ring which is just to left of the tiny finger. It will be similar to those fingers however it will be slightly larger that the pinky.

It should be approximately identical to that of the index.

To complete this step complete this step, draw one of the smaller curves at the base of the right finger that is the ring. There will be only one finger left before we can add more fine details!

Step 4: Then, draw the last finger
You are now ready to include the final finger in your drawing of your hand! This is the middle finger we’ll include.

The finger on your left, just like the one you have is the longest. It shouldn’t take too long however it will be visible.

As with the other fingers, we’ll also include another one of the tiny curves that are to the right of the finger’s base. We’ll then get ready for the last details to be added in the following step part of this tutorial!

5. Add the last details to your sketch
You’ve made it through the toughest parts of this instructional about drawing cartoon hands and now we can make some changes to make it perfect for the final stage!

These details are simple however they are important in making the appearance of your hand more realistic. The first step is to create two small curves around the middle of each finger, to indicate where joints are.

Alternately, you could make a horizontal curve over the wrist. Then, we’ll finish this step by adding two more curving lines, which connect the wrists or hand.

After these details have been added, you are able to add additional information that you would like to add!

One suggestion is to apply a background paint and add sleeves, or paint some rings onto the fingers. What is the best way to end the painting?

Step 6 – Create your drawing using color
It’s time to finish this tutorial by adding some colour! In this stage, you’ll transform this drawing with colors and there are plenty of possibilities to choose from.

There are a myriad of shades and color schemes you can choose from to color this hand.

In our image reference in the reference image, we have used various shades and color variations across different parts in the palm to create a appear more realistic and textured and you are able to apply this technique regardless of the color you pick.

What colors and tools will you choose for this stunning cartoon drawn by hand?

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