How to Draw A Cartoon Forest – A Step by Step Guide -

How to Draw A Cartoon Forest – A Step by Step Guide

How to Draw A Cartoon Forest – A Step by Step Guide

How to Draw A Cartoon Forest – Let’s get Started!

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Step 1 

If you look at the final pictures of this instructional guide on drawing an animated forest, you might think that this drawing will be difficult to draw.

But, we want to demonstrate that it’s much simpler once you know what to do. Additionally, we will break the process down into smaller steps to ensure that it’s easier.

We will start with the left-most portion of the tree. You could use bumpy lines to represent the canopy of leaves of the trees. Then, we will apply curve lines for the tree’s trunks.

It’s enough for the first step. After that, we can go on!

Step 2 – Draw some larger trees 

We’ll be adding an additional tree to your forest sketch in the next step!

The tree will also feature bumpy lines that will connect to the trees with leafy tops, however this section will be larger in volume than the section of leaves.

We will then make use of a mixture of slightly curly and mostly straight lines to form the tree’s trunk.

The tree will grow higher and wider than predecessors as well as there will be an open area at the lower right-hand corner.

Step 3.Add some bushes, and even more plants. 

We can now add more color to the woods in the final part from the manual!

The first thing you’ll notice is the reason why we left the empty space at the bottom of the tree before because there is an additional bush that will fill the empty space.

This plant will be drawn in a similar uneven outline, similar to the leafy tops of trees.

We will then include more trees, and the primary tree at this point will be a large one, drawn using both curving or straight lines.

Step 4.Now draw more trees and bushes. 

The main idea behind this tutorial for drawing the cartoon-like forest, is that you develop it gradually. We will add a section to this fourth step.

In the beginning, place another tree near the base of the tree before. After that, we’ll include more trees in the background, using similar techniques to the previous trees you’ve created.

It’s about it in this phase And then, we’re able to continue!

step 5:Draw another forest area 

The fifth and final part of your drawing of a cartoon forest will alter the look of your drawing slightly! We’ll be adding a second huge tree, but this one will appear distinct from the previous ones.

The tree that follows will resemble an impressive pine tree and will be enjoyable to draw! This tree will be very thin and slightly bent.

It will then be adorned with more pointed lines that define its canopy and these lines will give the illusion that comes from having many needles that make up the canopy.

After that, we’ll be ready to draw the final drawing details at the end of the next section in the tutorial!

Step 6 – Now, add some final touches 

Let’s wrap up this drawing by adding some final touches to this section of the guide! To accomplish this, we’ll add another set of trees to the right-hand part of the drawing as well as the background.

You can then apply some bumpy and curved lines to the different shrubs to give them additional texture and volume.

Once you have these details in place Once you have these details in place, you are in the right place for the final step! Be sure to add any extra details that you would like to include in this drawing, too.

It is possible to add some small animals, additional trees or perhaps some sky-related elements for a few ideas. What else do be thought of that would round the image?

Step 7: Finish the drawing using some color 

This is the last part of this step-by-step guide on drawing the cartoon forest and we will enhance this stunning drawing style more appealing by adding some color!

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