In this tutorial, we’ll show that you can draw a cartoon-like face. This is an easy drawing tutorial for those who would like to learn to draw portraits but need additional instructions.

Order, this guide to drawing an animated face will be like our more complicated guide to drawing faces. However, unlike the tutorial, this tutorial is greatly simplified, so that even the novice artist can draw a cartoon-like face.

Step 1

We’ll first draw a sketch of the cartoon face which appears like an elongated oval. This shape will be placed in the middle of the paper when making an image. Make use of thin lines to smooth out the irregular outline.



Step 2

This is a vital and crucial step. In this stage, we’ll outline the locations of the facial features of our character. The look of the person you draw is based on this step. Utilize quick strokes to outline the position of the eyes, nose hair, mouth, and nose.

Step 3

We continue our instruction on drawing cartoon faces.

Draw the eye. The first step is to look over the lines that you have drawn from the previous step. Then, think about the design of the eyes you’d prefer to draw. Then, sketch the outline of the pupils and eyes.


Step 4

In this stage, we will draw the contours of the eyebrows that are rounded. You can pick the form and position of your eyebrows according to suit your preferences But remember that eyebrows are a major factor in the development of facial expressions as well as gaze.

Step 5

Now, we’ll draw two lines that will join the right eye and the line that we marked the point on the tip of your nose. Avoid large-scale forms and sharp bends.

Step 6

In this step, which is a short one in this very short step, we create a mouth. We chose to represent the person smiling with a smile that is friendly which is why we draw the mouth in a cut.

Step 7

Let’s draw the outline of the ears as well as the final contours of the lower half of our face. The top edge of the ear coincides with the top of the eyes, while the bottom edge is already matched to that of the tip of the nose.


Step 8

We’re close to finishing the tutorial for drawing cartoon faces. Now, you can showcase your creativity. Draw a hairstyle made of a rounded outline and any alternative hairstyle you like. You may be skipping this step if would like to draw a hairless persona.

Step 9

Then, in the final step, we erase any extra lines using the eraser. We then review the entire cartoon face. We hope that you get an excellent outcome. You can also add shadows to make your drawing more complicated.


What are you able to do to increase your drawing abilities for cartoons?

At first, you can experiment with drawing cartoon faces using various aspects. For instance, you can include beards, mustaches, glasses, or any other features.

Try adding shadows to your faces. For more information on how to accomplish this, read this article about the effects of shadow and light.

Each of these steps will help to reinforce the information gained during this drawing class. Knowing the complete procedure will allow you to draw cartoon characters and facial features with ease.

So, we wanted to make a practical and easy-to-follow drawing guide. Don’t forget to send us a message to us on social media networks in case you’ve encountered difficulties at any point of the drawing. We’re also looking forward to your comments in comments.


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