This drawing guide will show you how to draw a cartoon-style dog. We are happy to help you convince yourself that a beautiful drawing shouldn’t be hard. This tutorial is made up of 11 easy steps. These steps can be repeated over and over again to achieve great results.

Step 1

Let’s begin our guide to drawing a cartoon dog. Let’s draw the silhouette of our dog with three circles and one straight line. These shapes should be placed in the middle of the paper. Avoid symmetrical and uneven shapes. As you can see the center is the best place to find the largest round shape.


Step 2

We will now outline the tail and legs using smooth curves. Before you begin drawing these lines, think about the type of dog that you are trying to draw. You should draw long legs if you’re drawing a tall dog. Drawing a horizontal line within the face outline is another important step. This will allow us to draw the eyes in the next steps.


Step 3

Drawing a dog is not difficult, is it? Let’s continue. Let’s now draw a pair of ears. It depends on the type of dog. This is the case of a large-eyed dog that looks like a pair of triangles on its head.


Step 4

Drawing the dog’s face can be one of the most simple tasks you will ever do. Do you doubt my assertions? As in the sample, draw two dots and then two smoother lines. This will simplify the task.


Step 5

We will now close the dog’s body contour. We will start by drawing a straight line starting at the neck and continuing to the end. You can see that there are no sharp bends.


Step 6

We have already drawn the head and body of our dog. Let’s now draw the legs. We will first draw the contours of the forelegs with two cylinders. These shapes taper down slightly, as you can see.


Step 7

Let’s continue the action of the previous step. Let’s draw our dog’s fingers. Draw rounded shapes at both the distal ends and the tips of your legs to do this. Then, draw two lines that will show the fingers. Avoid over-detail to keep the picture simple.


Step 8

Animals’ hind legs often have an unusual curve, called an obtuse angle. Let’s trace the outline of the hind leg, paying particular attention to this feature. You will notice a significant distal narrowing.


Step 9

We continue to draw details. Next, we’ll draw the toes of our dog. Avoid large shapes. Pay attention to the relative positions of your fingers.


Step 10

This will be a small step. This step will complete the contours of our dog’s tail using a smooth line parallel to the line from the second step. You can also make the contours more rounded by twirling the ponytail.


Step 11

We will use the eraser to remove any unnecessary guidelines that were left over from previous steps. Check the accuracy of the lines and forms once again. The final lines are also drawn with confident, clear strokes.


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