How to Draw a Cartoon Demon

How to Draw a Cartoon Demon

Step 1:

We won’t provide any guidance or forms. Start by drawing your head and face. Next, draw the demon horns. Finally, add the hair tufts between the horns.

Step 2:

This is where you can draw the actual face, which are the eyes and the crooked sharp-angled mouth. It’s a simple step.

Step 3:

Begin by drawing the body from under the head. Start by drawing the neck, then the shoulder and arm. The arm is contoured. Once the arm and hand are done, you can draw the chest as shown here.

Step 4:

The entire body should be completed. It shouldn’t have more than a long, slim shape. Also draw the point at its tip.

Step 5:

Finally, draw the demon wings as well as the arm that is hidden. You can also erase any mistakes that you may have made.

Step 6:

This is it. You’re done. You can now color this cartoon demon.

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