How to Draw A Cartoon Deer Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

One of the most well-known features is its antlers. So, it’s only fitting to begin with it in the very first section of this guide!

The antlers are drawn with curving lines with some round branches that are extending from them.

They can be extremely challenging to create, but be sure to take some time, and remember to keep an watch on the illustrations of reference!

Draw some circles on the top of your head. Then add a tiny hair and you’re now ready for the second step!

Step 2: Next Draw the eyes
The second step in the instructional guide of drawing an animated deer We will draw eyes and facial traits.

Eyes are drawn as several tiny black circles, with tiny white flashes. We then draw an oval curved around each of them and then add a few small eyelashes.

Create an even more rounded look around the eyes and draw eyebrows that are arched.

Step 3: Draw the remainder of the head.
We’re now ready to refine the face and head of your deer cartoon in the next step.

The first step is to create a rounded triangle for the nose. Then, draw the lines to create the smiley mouth beneath it. Also, we will add round shapes on the faces cheeks.

Ears will look large on both sides of the head. each one will have a curly point at the bottom. Then, we can finish by identifying the inner ear shape for each you can proceed to the next.

Step 4: Next Draw chest and legs
Continue to work your way down and then we’ll include the leg and body warming up.

We will concentrate on the chest and neck and chest, and these areas will be drawn using curving lines that descend from the top on the neck.

You can draw the first leg. It will be very thin and short and will finish in a horseshoe form with two tiny tips at the top.

Step 5: Now, draw a second front leg
So far, you’ve drawn a front leg. Now, you’re ready to draw a second!

The pin will appear like the original however the only difference is that it will have circles in the middle. Add another circle to the belly prior to moving on to step 6.

Step 6 – Add Rear Legs
In this section of our guide on drawing cartoon deer, we’ll draw the legs that follow.

They lie on the belly and will look like the front legs. They will be bent inwards towards the upper portion of each leg.

When you’ve got these legs as we did in our illustration, you’ll be able to finish the details with your next stage!

Step 7 – Then to complete the last element of this deer animated
It’s time to complete this cartoon deer design before the final stage to the lesson! As mentioned in the previous section, this one will help you improve the tail and back.

The first step is to use the curved and rounded lines to create the back of this deer. We’ll then add ovals that are horizontal to the back to create texture.

In the final step, we’ll draw the fluffy tail of a deer. The tail will be drawn with a mix of pointed and rounded lines. It completes it beautifully!

After drawing them after which you can make an attractive background or add some additional details that you can enjoy. There are many options to create a background and, if you were to do it then, what type of background would you pick for it?

Step 8: Now you can finish the work with some color
This is the last part of this guide on drawing the cartoon deer. within it, we’ll unwind with coloring fun!

In our reference picture we have provided some colors can be used for this deer. The colors are kept intact and draw inspiration from real colors.

This means that we mostly depended on browns and tans to make the coat. And it is stunning!

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