How To Draw A Cartoon Cowboy Hat

The Wild West was an exciting yet risky period to live in! It was the time of bandits, cowboys, and train robberies.

Some of these aspects have been exaggerated by the abundance of Western films and novels However, there are certain elements that have become connected to the time.

We’ll be illustrating an example in this article for drawing an animated cowboy hat!

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The hats of these are the most iconic elements of the cowboy mythology and while they’re easily recognized, they can be quite hard to design.

In this step-by step guide on drawing the cartoon cowboy hat we’ll guide you through how to effortlessly work with this design to design your personal cowboy hat!

1st Step:

In the first portion of your drawing of a cartoon cowboy hat beginning with the edge of the hat.

This can help protect the neck and face from the harmful rays of the sun. However, it is a difficult element to draw.

We’ll be using two wavy lines which connect to each other for this rim. If not put in the right place, they could appear chaotic and messy!

The line that runs along the edge of the rim will be sharply curving and extends to the right side of the image. The second line will be much bigger and thicker. It will start from the bottom of the previous line.

It will continue to the left side of an image, until the line reaches above the first line.

Try to be as faithful as you can to our example Then we will move on!

2nd Step:

The next step in our guide on drawing an animated cowboy hat focuses on adding more specifics to the edges you created in the first step.

This would include putting in the hole that will go on the head.

The first step is to add some smaller curly lines to the front of the rim, to add more depth. In the next step, we’ll be adding more intricate lines to the back of the rim.

The details we’re adding will be a good way to connect the front and back parts of the rim that we’ve completed, however they won’t quite meet.

This step can be more difficult than you think, so make certain to take your time to master it, and follow our guide!

3rd Step:

The first two steps of this guide were difficult and we’ll slow things down for the third step by adding a more simple and easy part.

In this phase we will draw what’s known as the hatband.

It’s a tiny thin belt-like part that runs around the hat, around the border. It is possible to draw it by drawing a slight curly rectangle shape to one of the sides.

The image will also feature vertical lines on it.

This is all for now And then we’ll move on!

4th Step:

We’re at the last phases of this drawing of a cartoon cowboy In this sketch, we’ll draw the top part on the top of the hat.

Fortunately, the last aspects we need to draw will be simpler as the previous two!

We will basically be making use of two lines that curve for this top part on the hat. One line should go upwards from the front of the hatband. The second line will extend horizontally.

Then, we’ll make another curved line longer and more horizontal , connecting to it and finally to the edge.

Cowboy capes usually feature a nick at the top. we’ve illustrated this by connecting two lines.

Once we have drawn the details, we’ll be prepared for the final details!

5th Step:

Here’s another easy step to follow on in this section of our step-by-step guide on drawing the Cartoon cowboy’s head.

We’ll draw a second wrinkle on the hat’s surface This time, it will be on the back that the cap is. The crease will appear like an enormous letter C lying across its back.

Once you’ve drawn the line, you will go to the last step in the tutorial! Prior to that, you may consider adding some additional ideas that you have!

To get a few ideas, consider drawing an image of a Western background on the hat.

Alternately, you can sketch the cowboy’s head, wearing the hat, if you’re feeling adventurous! These are only some suggestions, but what other ideas do you have in mind?

6th Step:

Cowboy hats are available in many different kinds of materials, meaning that they come in a variety of various shades

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