How to Draw A Cartoon Cookie – A Step by Step Guide

As seen in the image referenced above This outline is quite bumpy, giving the texture we talked about. When the outline of the round is completed, we can move now time to move on to the next step!

How To Draw A Cartoon Cheese – A Step by Step Guide

Step 2 – Draw some chips 

There’s a lot of debate on the flavor of cookies that is best, and everybody has their own opinions.

Certain people like raisins, and others prefer chocolate chips, but we’ll choose the second choice in this drawing of a cookie!

We’ll draw these chips with small shapes with angular edges. Be sure to leave the central portion of the cookies uncluttered but we’ll be adding an exciting face to it soon!

Step 3.Add some arms to cookies. 

Before adding the face that we talked about in the previous step, we’ll begin by adding some arms. These will have curves that run off on the side of the cookies to create the arms.

Then, we’ll make this cookie look like a traditional cartoon appearance by adding gloves on the cookie.

Each is a little rounded edge in which the hands are inserted into it, and after that we’ll employ curving lines to represent the fingers.

It’s about the step. Now we’re ready for step 4 in the guide.

4.Now draw feet and legs. 

It’s time to add feet and legs to this drawing of a cartoon cookie! The legs will appear like arms.

This means we’ll extend some curving lines downwards from the bottom of the body.

This will result in footwear that is created using curves and lines. In the image that is used as a reference the shoes are oriented toward the west.

We can then begin adding his face at the next step!

5.Draw His face 

Finally, we can make a face for the cookie with this step. The first step is to draw eyes. Utilize oval shapes for the eyes. Then, put smaller black-filled ovals within them.

Then we’ll add some curly eyebrows above the eyes to complete the appearance.

To design the mouth, we’ll create an arc-like line to represent the smile followed by more rounded lines to represent the mouth that is open and the tongue below the tongue.

Once you’ve sketched these facial details, you will add the final touches in the following step of the tutorial Let’s get started!

6.Now you can add some details about the texture. 

It’s getting close to time to complete the last step of the tutorial however, first we’ve got a few finishing touches to make! We’ll add some easy, yet useful texture details to the body of the cookie right now.

To achieve this, just apply dots and small round shapes on the cookie’s surface for a more textured appearance.

Then, it’s up you to complete this image! This is where you’ll be able to truly have fun being imaginative This is the point where you can create your own ideas.

One suggestion is drawing a background and if you do that , then you might include some living food and drinks!

What kind of fun setting could you come up with to use in this photo?

Step 7: Finish off your drawing using some color 

We are now at the last step to complete this tutorial on drawing an animated cookie. Now we are able to finish our masterpiece by adding color!

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