How to draw a Cartoon Cat Step by Step -

How to draw a Cartoon Cat Step by Step

How to draw a Cartoon Cat Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

In the beginning of our guide on drawing cartoon cat drawings We will begin with the outline of the adorable cat’s head and ears.

Head’s top will be drawn into the form of a curve. There will be two small curly curls which are then gathered over to the crown.

Then , for the ears, we’ll make use of more curved lines with an angled end at the bottom of each.

Then, for the next step, we’ll trace the sides and the back of the head. They should appear good and hairy, therefore we’ll make use of sharp curves, similar to the ones in the images of reference.

There’s nothing left to do. Move onto step 2.

Step 2: Draw the body as well as some details of the ear.
Once we’ve sketched out the head to draw your cat’s cartoon we are now able to add some of the nicer details as well as some bodies.

In the beginning, we’ll trace some curves along the inner edge of the ear. It is important to add tiny pointed areas that are visible from the inner regions to create a more broader appearance.

We’ll then begin drawing lines around the shape of the feline’s rear and the front leg. We’ll draw rough lines to draw these since they’ll make the cat look more furry.

Step 3. draw the front paws as well as the upper portion of the tail
Following this tutorial on cartoon cats, we’ll now draw tails, paws and paws of the cat.

Right paws can be easy to draw, as all you have be able to draw is tiny, curving lines that connect at bottom of the front legs.

Then, draw a further smooth, rounded line within the thigh line to indicate the bent hindquarters, the line below it to define that top part of the tail.

After you’ve drawn the latest details in the same way as the image we used as a reference, we’re ready to move to step 4.

Step 4 – Now finish the contours of your body
The fourth and final part of drawing your cartoon cat will assist you in defining the shape before adding more details to the following part of the guide.

Then, draw tiny, pointed shapes close to the top of your face to make brows that are expressive.

Then, we’ll draw an outline for the tail of the cat. The tail will be drawn using the similar bumpy, slightly jagged lines we’ve used to draw the other cat’s areas up to now.

After these outline are complete We will then complete the final touches in the next part to the guide!

Step 5 – Apply the final specifics to your cat cartoon sketch
You’ve made it to the fifth stage of the guide sketch a cat. in this stage, we’ll be working on the details of the face as well as any other details that need to be added.

This cat was given large round eyes that have large round pupils.

We then added a small circular shape with an angled bottom for the nose. Then we added an elongated line beneath it to create the smiley mouth.

Add some beard dots then you’re ready to take on the last step! Before you proceed, make sure to include any additional details and details of your own you like.

You could create a charming design for this feline If you did then what kind of design would you pick?

Step 6 – Complete Your cartoon’s cat design using color
This is the final stage of drawing the cartoon cat. this is where we’ll complete the drawing with some colors!

Cats come in a variety of colors So this is a fantastic occasion to choose the colors you love to create a appearance.

In our case we have used lighter cream tones that covered the bulk of our cat and then we added some highlights of brown. To give a more vivid shade, we also added some bright pink in the ear.

The colors below are those we’ve selected However, you are free to choose any color you’d are comfortable with!

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